Swiss Gastro bakery Beijing Co, ltd (SGBB) is the subsidiary company of Jing GuangJia trading Group.

The company was founded in 2006 by Swiss Gastro Bakery Holding AG (SGBH) as a foreign-owned enterprise.

    Alfred Hiestand as the major shareholder of SGBH comes from Hiestand family, which is the honorable bakery brand in Europe. He brought advanced production machinery and equipment, technology, management team and his product concept. In the year 1967, Alfred Hiestand established his first bakery in a disused laundry with simple equipment. The small bakery in Zurich, Switzerland evolved over the next 46 years into one of the leading providers of high quality frozen bakery products. Hiestand products are provided to the markets worldwide, Hiestand family opened up the factories in Germany, Switzerland, Malaysia, China, etc. Meanwhile, Alfred Hiestand is respected as “The king of croissant” in Europe. The huge R&D team of Hiestand based in both Germany and Switzerland master the advantage deep frozen technology.

Swiss Gastro and Jing GuangJia started our friendly and happy cooperation since Olympics 2008. Combining the strong sales channel resource, the mature independent freezer warehousing and logistics system of Jing GuangJia and the high quality products of Swiss Gastro, the sales and market share of both companies had a rapid growth. In 2012, the two companies decided to develop our cooperation in a further manner, SGBH transferred 71% the stock right of SGBB they owned to Jing GuangJia. Henceforth, Jing GuangJia becomes the major shareholder of SGBB, SGBB is converted into joint venture company and the management right is handover to Mr. Toby Tong. Mr. Alfred Hiestand remains 29% of the stock right to continuously provide the technology and information support to SGBB.

Our company is located in the economical developing area Huairou, Beijing with total area of 13,000 square meters. We imported advanced baking production line from Europe, and combine the traditional European bakery recipe together with the advanced technology, to provide the healthy, nutritional, fast and delicious baking products to our customers


    To produce the high quality products, to continuous improve the product quality and develop new products needed by the markets are our mission. We have passed the ISO9001 and ISO22000 inspection. All the raw materials used shall be chosen and inspected through strict standards. All the production process are designed based on the relevant food quality and safety standards. We follow the health concept of Swiss Gastro German factory and Swiss Factory to use the natural healthy and high quality raw materials without any pigment, neither preservative nor addictive.


     Customer is the life of the company. Swiss Gastro commits ourselves to provide high quality frozen bread to our customers. We are currently mainly serving to the mid and high end markets including the hotel and restaurant channel, air catering channel, large corporation, large chain supermarkets, etc. We were the appointed supplier of Olympic 2008 Beijing, World Expo 2010 Shanghai, Asian games 2010 Guangzhou. Through Jing Guang Jia, we became the contract supplier of most of the large hotel management group.



     We were the appointed supplier of Olympic 2008 Beijing, World Expo 2010 Shanghai, and Asian games 2010 Guangzhou. Through Jing Guang Jia, we supply to the eighteenth national congress of the communist party of China, 2014 APEC meeting, 2015 Beijing LAAF World Championships.
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